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    We can help you to invest in Serbia faster and better!

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    We can help with residency permit for foreigners in Serbia.

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  • Establishing a company in Serbia?

    We can help to establish your business.

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  • Need outsourcing for a company in Serbia?

    We can help with employment, taxes and accounting.

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 HMC Konsalting

-Invest, Live and Work in Serbia-

Certified service quality

Certified consulting service quality

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Let's do business, better. Together!

Whether you are starting a project in Serbia, or planning to setup a business process outsourcing operations by capitalizing on the highly skilled and educated local workforce (traditionally offering better value for money compared to the western part of Europe), HMC Digital is able to provide a turnkey solution, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

We are actively providing professional management services to some of the biggest global names with 20,000+ employees, and are looking forward to helping you too establish your company’s operations in Serbia.

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Business development, Project management, HRM (EOR), Business / Labour Law and HSE advising services…

PM/BPO experience in the following Industries:

Information Technology, Industrial Engineering, Civil Construction, Retail, Electronics, Telecommunications…

Consulting services for foreign companies in Serbia


Our experience, your success

We can offer you good strategic relationship of an experienced HR partner. No matter your challenge, HMC company has the experience and solutions to help you reduce your daily workload and compliance risk. Providing superior services as the number one priority in restless pursuit to keep our clients 100% satisfied. We strongly believe in honest business relationships, always striving to do what is right and fair.

HR services- employment for foreign comapanies

How can HR outsourcing benefit your business?

Outsourcing HR can help save you time and money and can take the worry out of certain areas of compliance. You can choose to outsource some or all day-to-day administrative duties across HR, talent management, payroll, benefits, and more.

Take administrative tasks off your plate and free up time to focus on strategic goals, such as employee retention, and growing your business.
Reduce time spent resolving issues and answering employee questions related to HR, benefits or pay.

Save money on hiring additional HR personnel

Receive support for compliance with employment laws and regulations, workplace safety, payroll and tax, and more – potentially saving your business from compliance fees and penalties.

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